ALBUM REVIEW: Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Barefoot In The Head
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ALBUM REVIEW: Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Barefoot In The Head

Since The Black Crowes finally closed the curtains at the start of 2015, Chris Robinson has continued to embrace his new lease of life with his band of soulful and psychedelic, country and blues-rock travellers in Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Barefoot In The Head is their fifth album and it again showcases their effortless musical synergy … Continue reading

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ALBUM REVIEW: The Black Crowes | Croweology

written by Chris Familton The Black Crowes were somewhat out of step with the times when they first emerged amid the hysteria of grunge in the early 90s. Their sound was traditional blues soaked American rock with flashes of gospel influence, southern rock and nods to americana and country. They really had little in common … Continue reading