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NEWS: Giant Sand release new album Blurry Blue Mountain…

Howe Gelb is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Giant Sand on October 25th with a brand spanking new album Blurry Blue Mountain and a thirty album strong reissue series on Fire Records.

About the new record Gelb says…

These recordings were done in the space between the waking world and the sleeping one. there exists a point there with a broad landscape that has seldom been loitered in. as with every previous album, none of this was planned. every record has its own atmosphere. for me they are always a new place to live in and spend some time before moving on. On this album, it happened that every session we were able to record came between work loads that rendered us at that point of sleeping and waking. like the poppy fields in wizard of oz, we went in and out of consciousness at various times during recording. This is not a bad thing. nor does it make the record sound like we’re asleep. it has the momentum of that place between sleep and being awake. and in that narrow slip of existence lies a landscape of reason that most of us hurry past in daily lives. this record is planted firmly there.

All of the albums by Giant Sand, Howe Gelb, The Band of Blacky Ranchette, Arizona Amp and Alternator will be re-mixed, re-mastered and released with added new material. See the rough schedule below for CD with vinyl to follow…

27th SEPTEMBER 2010

  • GIANT SAND – Valley Of Rain (25th Anniversary Edition)


  • GIANT SAND – Blurry Blue Mountain & Valley Of Rain (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • GIANT SAND – Blurry Blue Mountain
  • GIANT SAND – Ballad Of A Thin Man (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • GIANT SAND – Storm (25th Anniversary Edition)


  • GIANT SAND – Love Songs (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • GIANT SAND – Long Stem Rant (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • GIANT SAND – Swerve (25th Anniversary Edition)


  • GIANT SAND – Ramp (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • GIANT SAND – Center Of The Universe (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • GIANT SAND – Purge & Slouch (25th Anniversary Edition)


  • GIANT SAND – Backyard BBQ Broadcast (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • GIANT SAND – Goods & Services (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • GIANT SAND – Glum (25th Anniversary Edition)


  • GIANT SAND – Chore Of Enchantment (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • GIANT SAND – Cover Magazine (25th Anniversary Edition)
  • GIANT SAND – Black Out (25th Anniversary Edition)

MARCH 2011

  • HOWE GELB – Confluence
  • HOWE GELB – ….Some Piano
  • HOWE GELB – Hisser
  • HOWE GELB – Dreaded Brown Recluse
  • HOWE GELB – Sno Angel Wingin It

APRIL 2011

  • The Band Of Blacky Ranchette – The Band Of Blacky Ranchette
  • The Band Of Blacky Ranchette – Sage Advice
  • The Band Of Blacky Ranchette – Heartland
  • The Band Of Blacky Ranchette – Still Looking Good To Me

MAY 2011

  • GIANT SAND – Its All Over The Map (25th Anniversary Edition)

JULY 2011

  • HOWE GELB – Sno Angel Like You

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