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Essential Listening: Josh T. Pearson

If you haven’t heard of Josh T. Pearson then you definitely have a hole in your record collection. Pearson was the main guy behind Lift To Experience who delivered one of first great albums of the 21st Century (and all time in my opinion). It was burnt out desert folk and blues that bloomed into majestic post rock and psychedelic clouds of guitars with Pearson’s voice soaring like a demonic preacher with the voice of an angel. There was nothing else around like it and many thought it was the start of something big for the band. Unfortunately they split and Pearson drifted into almost obscurity for a decade before high profile fans like Bella Union’s Simon Raymonde helped him get his shit together and start playing live and writing more songs. A new album has finally emerged titled The Last of the Country Gentlemen and it is a stark and austere collection of parched soul songs. Essential listening…


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