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REVIEW: The Falls | Hollywood EP

by Chris Familton

On their new EP Hollywood, Sydney folk duo The Falls have captured both the organic and ornate essence of their heart-laid-bare songs.

This EP is the documentation of Simon Rudston-Brown and Melinda Kirwin’s romance from its beginnings to its dissolution one Valentines Day. It is a fascinating background story but nonessential information when it comes to enjoying their music. At the heart of their songs is a strong folk and country backbone built on acoustic guitar and a rich vocal interplay between the duo. Home is gloriously uplifting, peppered with percussive detail and strings that add depth and texture while the closing title track is is an elegant string laden highlight, high on drama but not cloying sentimentality.

The Falls have been wise to retain a fairly traditional approach to their songs, giving their music a timeless feel but still cleverly using instruments like melodica to add colour. Hollywood sounds like an antipodean cousin to the likes of Jenny Lewis and Midlake and is a highly rewarding debut release.

Hollywood is out now through MGM




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