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NEW MUSIC: Loene Carmen | The Peach State EP

The highly talented Loene Carmen has a new EP out called The Peach State which she wrote while living over in the deep South of the USA (and recorded in Nashville) earlier in 2012. Born in a heatwave and inspired by a Stella parlor guitar that she discovered in a junk shop, the EP is a five-track collection of stark country-soul and shimmering blues – dripping with emotion, heartache, buzzing strings and Carmen’s husky swoon of a voice.

Carmen’s last full length album was 2009’s excellent It Walks Like Love which had a decidedly more urban, hazy and electric feel. The Peach State EP is a wonderful contrast, stripped down and a direct line to the heart that showcases her glorious voice that has that wonderful mix of tough and sultry that all the best blues and country singers possess.

The Peach State EP is available to buy now via Bandcamp.


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