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NEW MUSIC: Drive-by Truckers’ Mike Cooley releases solo LP

In the wake of Patterson Hood’s solo record Mike Cooley has also decided to release a new solo album of some fan favourites in an acoustic style, live. Fool on Every Corner is out Dec 11, 2012 and features Carl Perkins Cadillac, 3 Dimes Down, Marry Me, Shut Up And Get On The Plane and more plus one new song, Drinking Coke and Eating Ice and a Charlie Rich cover, Behind Closed Doors.

The album was recorded in February 2012 at the Earl in Atlanta GA and at the Melting Point in Athens GA.

Track Listing:

1 – Loaded Gun In The Closet

2 – Cottonseed

3 – Guitar Man Upstairs

4 – Cartoon Gold

5 – Pulaski

6 – 3 Dimes Down

7 – Eyes Like Glue

8 – Carl Perkins Cadillac

9 – Behind Closed Doors

10 – Marry Me

11 – Where The Devil Don’t Stay

12 – Shut Up And Get On The Plane

13 – Drinking Coke And Eating Ice


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