VOTE for Post To Wire in the 2013 Pedestrian.TV Ultrabook Blogster Awards


For the last three years Pedestrian.TV have been hosting the Australian Blogster Awards which cover a range of subject matter including music, food, fashion photography and more. Last year my main music blog Doubtful Sounds was honoured to be included in the music finalists and the good news is that DS has again made the final list of nominees. Just as exciting is the fact that Post To Wire has also made the cut in the music category!

We’ve been slowly building and refining PTW over the last three years, trying to find a balance between discovering and promoting new Americana artists (particularly from Australia and New Zealand) and remembering all the great alt-country and folk music that has come before. Hopefully you think we are doing a good job of it too and you can hit the link to cast a vote (in the form of a Facebook Like) in our favour. Vote for Doubtful Sounds while you are there too.

Thanks in advance!

Chris Familton (editor)

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