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NEWS: Sydney gets a new weekly country music night


Thursday March 27th is the launch of a new weekly night at the Marrickville Bowling Club dedicated to country music – old time, roots and bluegrass. Regular events like Folk club showed that a genre-specific night is definitely sustainable and one catering to the Americana community is long overdue. PTW raises it’s hat to Fun Shootin’ Thursdies organiser Elsen Price for putting together the evening, now it’s up to people to get along, enjoy the music and support the new event. We caught up with Price this morning to get the lowdown on the night and some of his reasons for putting it together.

Fun Shootin’ Thursdies is a new night in the Inner West, dedicated to supporting new Australian country music, old time, roots music and bluegrass, and will be on every Thursday night at the Marrickville Bowling Club. The opening night will feature the Swampy Tonk Drifters, The Green Mohair Suits, Fanny Lumsden and The Morrisons, who are all great examples of the best country music happening in Australia today. Both The Green Mohair Suits and The Morrisons were featured artists at Melbourne’s Jamgrass Festival, a new but well regarded Australian bluegrass/country festival.”

“My name is Elsen Price, and I grew up in Tamworth, a place regarded as the ‘home of Australian country music’. I grew up listening to the festival and being inspired by the musicians, the music and the stories that are so important in country music. Since my move to Sydney in 2008, I’ve seen a growth in appreciation in Sydney’s Inner West, for country music that is a little more human and down to earth than the typical pop music being promoted today.”

“The launch is on the 27th of March and will be starting at 8pm at the Marrickville Bowling Club. the club is close to public transport, features an awesome bowling green, a large bar, a dance floor, lots and lots of seating and a smoking area within close distance to the music. The bowling club is a strong supporter of quality Australian music and country music too, so they are being more than helpful with the preparation. There is also no curfew or lock-out laws and it always has a friendly, relaxed vibe.”

“Future acts are being organised and will be of a great standard so anyone interested should just come down for a a beer at 8pm on a Thursday night, sit down, relax and enjoy some great music!”


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