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NEW MUSIC: Les Thomas ~ Budget Reply (Hey Joe)


Melbourne singer-songwriter Les Thomas has a new single out that is a barbed and thoroughly deserved reply to the caustically conservative 2014 Australian Budget. Protest in song is strangely missing at the moment, especially in a country where there is so much growing dissent against a socially, environmentally and morally bankrupt government. Let’s hope this song pricks up some ears and inspires more musical activism.

‘Budget Reply (Hey Joe)’ follows Thomas’ debut album Survivor’s Tale from late last year that also featured Jeff Lang and Ashley Davies.

Thomas is no stranger to creative protest through his work with the annual music fundraiser for asylum seeker rights – These Machines Cut Razor Wire.  He is also the editor of the alt-country blog Unpaved, which provides amazing support to the local Melbourne alt-country and folk music community.



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