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NEW MUSIC: Sylvie Simmons ~ You Are In My Arms


Sylvie Simmons is best known as a renowned music journalist both in magazines and books (Leonard’s Cohen’s ‘I’m Your Man’ biography) but she has also played music since her childhood though primarily for herself. Bow she is finally stepping out from behind her keyboard and pen to release her debut album Sylvie, a collection of ukelele-based songs which will be out via the always excellent Light in the Attic Records on October 21st. Pre-orders are available now including a limited (100) pressing on turquoise vinyl.

On the album she hooked up with Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb who produced and played guitar, synthesisers and piano. Of the recording process Simmons says:

“I was staying in Tucson in a motel with no car, running alongside the freeway in the hot morning sun, and then we just went into the cool, dark studio and played. No rehearsals and no going back. It was magic. We planned to record ten of my songs, including a couple I’d just written. We ended up with twelve: one spontaneous cover, and an instrumental with all of us gathered around Howe’s piano, which sounds like the soundtrack to a lost David Lynch film.”

Here’s the first taste of the album with the languid and lilting ‘You Are In My Arms’:



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