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ALBUM REVIEW: Nikki Lane ~ All Or Nothin’

ptw scorebw8NikkiLane-AllOrNothin-ADANikki Lane hits all the right marks on her excellent new album of rollicking Americana and sultry rock ’n’ roll. Her savvy writing style blends those genres with a pop sensibility that provides hook-laden and ridiculously catchy songs for the first two thirds of All Or Nothin’. Whether it is the big-beat honky tonk of single ‘Right Time’ or the soulful lilting ‘You Can’t Talk To Me Like That’, the songs are perfect country nuggets yet utterly contemporary courtesy of Dan Auerbach’s production. The back third of the album loses momentum slightly but by then she’s already nailed an impressive, infectious follow-up to her 2011 debut.

Chris Familton

this review was first published in The Music



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