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Cowgirl In The Sand ~ A PTW Mixtape

PTW Mixtapecowgirl

It’s been a while since we last posted one of our Americana mixtapes for your listening pleasure but finally we’ve found the time to trawl through our collection and pull some gems together.

This streaming mix is a themed one of sorts in that we’ve focused on some of our favourite female singers and songwriters. You’ll hear some of the finest local Australian and New Zealand talent, classic artists and some on the fringes. There’s a bit of everything from haunted folk to country pop to dreamy soulful twang.



  1. Gillian Welch – Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
  2. Aldous Harding – Hunter
  3. Wilga Williams – Arnhen Land Lullaby
  4. Jenny Queen – Let Her Go
  5. Emma Swift – Bittersweet
  6. Karen Dalton – Katie Cruel
  7. Gretta Ziller – Hunt For Love
  8. Jolie Holland – Palm Wine Drunkard
  9. Tammy Wynette – Baby Come Home
  10. The Delines – Colfax Avenue
  11. Katie Brianna – Oh Night
  12. Rosanne Cash – Modern Blue
  13. Lucinda Williams – Greenville
  14. Nikki Lane – You Can’t Talk To Me Like That
  15. HT Heartache – Cowboy Poetry
  16. Tracy McNeil – Sleep In Your Eye
  17. De’May – If We Don’t Leave Now

*This is a stream only, if any artist would like a song removed from the mix please let us know and we will action your request immediately.

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