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NEWS: Ryan Bingham signs to Lost Highway Australia


The expansion of the recently established Lost Highway Australia label seems to picking up pace of late with the announcement that Cory Branan and Lydia Loveless’ recent albums on Bloodshot Records will be released localy by LHA as well as the signing of Shane Nicholson as an artist and label producer.

Now recent visitor Ryan Bingham can be added to that list with his next album Fear And Saturday Night due to be released by the label early next year. They will also reissue his 2012 album Tomorrowland in the next few months. Bingham impressed many with his superb full band shows when he was here last month for the Out On The Weekend festival. Read our review of the Sydney show where we said:

“Bingham blended rabble-rouser and humble troubadour, quickly winning over the audience and transforming the room from a sedate Tuesday night to a juiced up late-night honky tonk bar. With his scratchy, sandpaper voice Bingham sounded like he’d emerged straight from a desert dust cloud and a whiskey bender.”

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from Bingham’s new album with the track ‘Radio’

STREAM – ‘Radio’

RB_Image1.jpg LR


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