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VIDEO: Darren Cross ~ And The New York Rain Came Down

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 7.05.35 pm

It’s been a big year for Darren Cross with his solo EP No Damage and the release of the excellent debut album from Jep and Dep. Now Cross has released a new clip from the aforementioned EP, another to come out of his Bernstein Studio. It’s a great video, quite different to what I’d expect for the song yet it works perfectly as Cross sings of crossing paths with Lena Dunham in Brooklyn.

Last year I was in Brooklyn for three nights sleeping on my old mate’s couch – his long-term girlfriend had just left him. I walked to Chinatown to see the last Breaking Bad episode live on cable at a bar. For some connected weird reason, while I was walking home I really wanted to bump into Lena Dunham, and while I was walking back to where I was staying over near the Brooklyn Bridge it started pissing down rain. As I ran to my friend’s apartment I looked into a bar close to where I was staying – and there standing in the dry hipster bar was Lena Dunham chatting with a group of girls, I couldn’t believe it. I raced home soaking wet and wondered what I should do. Fortunately for Lena I wrote this song”.

No Damage is available via Bandcamp



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