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NEW MUSIC: Glen Hansard ~ Being In Love


Glen Hansard was a close friend of the dearly missed Jason Molina (Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co) who died in 2013, establishing a friendship with him after writing a fan letter in the late ’90s. After Molina’s death Hansard sought solace in his music, getting together with ex members (Jeff Panall, Jennie Benford, Dan Sullivan, and Rob Sullivan) of Songs: Ohia to jam. There were no plans to do anything more than that but out of the sessions came the idea of putting together an EP of their recordings of some of Molina’s songs. The result is the new EP It Was Triumph We Once Proposed (out March 17th via Overcoat Recordings) and here is ‘Being In Love’ which first appeared on Songs: Ohia’s Lioness LP.

Hansard said in a statement:

“Jason Molina was a hero and a friend. I wrote him my first fan letter, I always loved his music and singing these songs is the only way to make sense of losing him.”

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