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ALBUM REVIEW: Pokey LaFarge ~ Something In The Water

ptw scorebw8Pokey-LaFarge-Something-in-the-Water-Album-CoverLike a straighter American cousin to C.W. Stoneking’s more esoteric old-timey sound, Pokey LaFarge blends all manner of traditional musical forms – from jazz and swing to folk, country, doo-wop and mariachi. It’s all woven together in LaFarge’s authentic style on this, his most realised album to date. With a band that he’s been playing live with for a while now he’s created a tapestry that allows space and light into the dusty nostalgic corners as he sings primarily about affairs of the heart. No surprise there but the real joy lies in the blend of styles, hummable melodies and LaFarge’s older-than-his-years voice.

Chris Familton

this review was first published in The Music

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3 thoughts on “ALBUM REVIEW: Pokey LaFarge ~ Something In The Water

  1. I really enjoy Pokey, and this is a great album. C.W.Stoneking blew me away in concert last year, my concert highlight of the year. But this year I discovered Archer – feels to me like C.W. & Pokey wrapped up in one, but without the smart packaging! This guy is the real McCoy – mesmerising to see live, and no slick stage persona – brilliant.



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