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ALBUM REVIEW: Houndmouth ~ Little Neon Limelight

ptw scorebw8.5houndmouth_coverThrow The Band and The Felice Brothers into a roots music blender and you’ll end up with something resembling Houndmouth. On their second album they’ve taken their already impressive Americana sound to another level with rousing, infectious choruses, heartbreaking harmonies and a looser rock ’n’ roll feel. This is modern suburban Appalachian music that sounds contemporary, free-wheeling and celebratory, particularly on highlights My God, My Cousin Greg and Sedona. They might get lumped in with The Lumineers and other nu-folk acts but Houndmouth possess a raw and soulful quality that firmly places them at the front of their field with this album.

Chris Familton

this review was first published in The Music

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