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ALBUM REVIEW: Liam Gale & The Ponytails ~ The Lonely Throne

ptw scorebw8liam_gale_and_the_ponytails_the_lonely_throneOver the last few years Liam Gale’s sound has evolved into a darker and more hypnotic form of psychedelic folk and blues music, culminating in the majestic and hypnotic The Lonely Throne.

There are shades of Devendra Barnhart and Tim Buckley in Gale’s explorations in building trance-like mantras around songs via a range of instrumentation that includes banjo, sitar and Eastern and African influenced percussion.

It’s an immensely absorbing album that draws the listener in with its transportive qualities and reveals a multitude of rhythmic and melodic diversions on each new listen. This will be one of those albums that slowly but surely garners attention and deserved high praise.

Chris Familton

this review was first published in The Music

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