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ALBUM REVIEW: Joshua Seymour ~ Rope Tied Hope

ptw scorebw7.5joshua_seymour_rope_tied_hope_0615Joshua Seymour (Cherrywood) has stepped out on his lonesome for a solo album that digs deep into emotive and dark Americana. There’s a touch of Bon Iver, Iron & Wine and occasionally the band Spain in Seymour’s gothic sounding songs that are ornamented with stately piano, pedal steel, handclaps and all manner of stringed instruments. Possessing a husky, straining, half-whisper of a voice Seymour paints a warm patina over the dozen songs which adds a lived-in quality to his elegant songwriting and rich arrangements. An accomplished and impressive take on the haunting corners of Americana music.

Chris Familton

this review was first published in The Music

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