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NEW MUSIC: Davey Craddock – Peaceful Bay


We’ve long championed Davey Craddock ever since we heard the brilliant single ‘Keep On Waiting’ back in 2012. The good news is that his debut album City West is ready for release on Feb 5th via MGM.

Below you can check out the beautiful and haunting new single ‘Peaceful Bay’ with Craddock’s emotive and soaring voice trailing across the Western Australia sky as he sings about a character who was inspired by a chance meeting on an epic hike.

“Peaceful Bay is a song I wrote while hiking the Bibbulmun track (a 1003 km track from Perth to Albany). It’s one of the only towns on the track where you camp in a settlement and not in the bush and it’s inspired by a girl a mate and I met in the townsite. She said she’d just moved down there from Perth, was pregnant and had morning sickness. We were knackered and didn’t have time to talk and properly meet her but I thought it was a really brave and unusual move to come from the city to this tiny, isolated fishing town. So by torchlight in a hot tent I filled in the blanks and made up what I thought her story may have been and that formed the basis for the song.”

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