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ALBUM REVIEW: Hussy Hicks – Lucky Joe’s Wine And Other Tales From Dog River


ptw scorebw7.5Hussy Hicks’ Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz seem to have one of those wordless, symbiotic musical relationships. Everything sounds in harmony with perfect placement and interplay between Parker’s sublime guitar playing and Gentz’s soulful and often ecstatic singing on their fourth full-length album.

The album opens with the over-wrought Flying that sounds like an overcooked Eva Cassidy song but the duo quickly redeem themselves with the moodier country shuffle of That Old Heartache where the drama is reined in and the song is more in check with its delivery. From there they keep rolling down that old country road, taking slight diversions on their travels but exploring more of a country music theme on this album. The title track showcases Parker’s sparkling and lightening fast fretwork while their finest moment comes with Slow Train and its aching blues-soaked chorus that digs deep with real heartache.

An assured yet brief half hour album, Lucky Joe’s Wine… is another fine example of the undeniable talent of these two musicians.

Chris Familton

this review first appeared in Rhythms Magazine

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