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NEW MUSIC: Darren Cross – When The Chills Are Coming


Darren Cross (Gerling, Jep and Dep) is a couple of months out from releasing his debut solo album _Xantastic. It finds the songwriter heading into dark folk territory while still retaining subtle glimpses of technology via textured ambience and synths. That blending of styles is what made Gerling such a distinctive sound and continues to make Cross such a fascinating musician – the sonic explorer and the classic songwriter.

Inspired by the darker moments of Simon and Garfunkel, the apocalyptic meanderings of Bill Callahan and Leonard Cohen , When the Chills Are Coming, harks back to 60’s protest songs : questioning and trying to make sense of the rapid developments of globally minded governments, technology, the feverishly expanding population, community, and a gentrified world.

tie off


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