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ALBUM REVIEW: Cash Savage & The Last Drinks – One Of Us


ptw scorebw7.5Cash Savage trades in gothic and roots-based rock ’n’ roll that swings from funereal folk to surging widescreen workouts. There’s more range on One Of Us than previous albums. Run With The Dogs has a War On Drugs-styled pulse, Sunday Morning is a dirty, banjo-led folk song reminiscent of The Felice Brothers, Empty Page is an eviscerating scree of desperation and distortion akin to Swans while My Friend is a poignant country plea to a love one. Across the ten songs the one common factor is Savage’s bruised and burnished voice, slung low to a growl or thrown skyward in a curdling howl. The success of One Of Us comes from its ambitiousness and Savage’s ability to harness its disparate styles and shape them into a cohesive and compelling album.

Chris Familton


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