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ALBUM REVIEW: Josh Rennie-Hynes – Furthermore


ptw scorebw7Queenslander Josh Rennie-Hynes has backed up his debut album with another set of bittersweet Americana songs that sound more assured and worldly though sometimes lacking dynamics that could have elevated the songs into more emotionally heavy-hitting territory. Songs are filled with people and places from Rennie-Hynes’ constant touring and he’s mastered melancholy and a sympathetic and soulful, folk and country musical backing. These songs need some starkness and darkness amid the pleasant musings – as he hints at on the Ryan Adams-ish ‘June 23rd’. The counterpoint is the wonderful single ‘Rosie’ – melodic folk with a pop ache to it. Even if it drifts by too easily at times, there’s still plenty of impressive song-craft on show on Furthermore.

Chris Familton

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