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ALBUM REVIEW: Katie Brianna – Victim Or The Heroine


ptw scorebw7.5One her 2013 album Dark Side Of The Morning Katie Brianna seemed to find her voice and settle into her own songwriting. Now in 2016 she has taken that self-belief, crafted an even stronger set of songs and produced a world class album of soulful country-tinged music.

With production courtesy of Shane Nicholson, the album is warm and richly detailed from dreamy late-night torch songs to brighter, yet still melancholic, tracks such as first single ‘Birmingham’. Brianna is seemingly still working out her place in the world, with questions and doubts, hopes and fears recurring as themes across the record – all delivered with elegant eye-of-the-storm introspection.

It is her voice that steals the show though. Her phrasing allows lines to dance across the speakers (‘Don’t Feel Right’, ‘Chemical Lies’) or hang in the air, heavy with weighted and real emotion (‘To Feel Better’). Beneath Brianna’s ache and soulful take on modern Americana music is a strong affinity for pop melodies, ensuring a balance between that introspection and a great hook.

Victim Or The Heroine is mature and honest songwriting built on universal themes, from an intimate and personal perspective. A timeless pull on one’s heartstrings.

Chris Familton

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