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NEWS: The Americana Music Association of Australia Launches


For a number of years the Americana Music Association in the USA has gone from strength to strength, building on the increasing popularity of the polymorphic genre as an authentic alternative to the pop schlock served up as country music in modern times. A UK offshoot was created and now Australia has launched its own association which will have a working relationship with the USA one.

About the AMAA:

The Americana Music Association of Australia (AMAA) is a new organisation that has been created to unite the Australian community of Americana musicians, creative professionals, professional services folks, media, distribution, and even audiences. It aims to create a mechanism to allow this community to collaborate, grow, and create even more music and art.

The AMAA is an incorporated association under NSW law, and exists solely for the benefit of all it’s members. It is by definition a non-profit organisation. The AMAA has a working relationship with the Americana Music Association in the US, yet remains independant from them. It also enjoys an open relationship with the Americana Music Association of the UK.

The AMAA will start small, but dream big. It invites all members of the community to join the association, and encourages members to consider serving the community by participating in the running of the organisation. The AMAA’s Annual General Meeting is conducted in July each year, and any member is welcome to nominate to be on the management committee.

The current management committee through to June 2017 is Nick Payne, Adam Simon, Nia McMartin, Paul Heggart, Ben Bunting, and Laura Coates.

Hit the weblink below to join up and become a member.

The association officially launches this week with a couple of showcases at the Australian Music Week conference at Cronulla Beach, NSW.

  • Thursday Nov 4th: Thu 3rd – Americana Showcase #1 – William Crighton + Diesel + Taasha Coates + Fanny Lumsden + Lachlan Bryan + Jason Keaney + Jen Mize + Amber Rae Slade + Brielle Davis + De’May.
  • Fri 4th – Americana Showcase #2 – Key To The Highway + Luke O’Shea + Catherine Britt + James Thomson & The Strange Pilgrims + Little Georgia + The Weeping Willows + Rory Ellis.

AMAA Website  AAMA Facebook


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