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ALBUM REVIEW: Raised By Eagles – I Must Be Somewhere

RBE I Must Be Somewhere

Album number three for Melbourne’s Raised By Eagles and a further refinement of their lush, wistful and yearning country rock. Ironing out some of the creases of their earlier releases has resulted in a unified sound across the songs which are mostly only a few shades either side of mid-tempo. So much of it floats by on a warm breeze that to really appreciate the nuances in the production and their playing, the volume should be turned up high.

As players they share a lightness of touch and aesthetic with the likes of Steve Gunn, Mark Knopfler and William Tyler, if a little more dusty back-roads and suburban summer nights. The pedal steel in particular is a really highlight, gently conjuring up weeping country emotions. There is also a melancholic mood that pervades the album, riding on a nostalgic, heartache vibe but more often than not wrapped up in optimism. This is another assured release from the band, one that shines brightest in its subtleties.

Chris Familton

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