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Post To Wire Presents: RED-EYED AND BLUE

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Sunday July 2nd is the next Red-Eyed and Blue session at The Bearded Tit in Redfern Sydney and we’ve got a great double bill of local folk and country music.


+ PTW Jukebox DJ sets

The Singing Skies, led by Kell Derrig-Hall, have just released their 2nd LP, ‘Head In The Trees, Heart On The Ground’ via Preservation Records and it finds them dealing in ornate English folk moods and mining the vocal territory of masters such as Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake and Gene Clark. In our review we described the album as “An immersive, mesmerising and atmospheric listening experience,” and “The ethereal folk-noir world of The Singing Skies is one worth exploring in depth.” We’re anticipating a special performance from the band, combining country rock, vintage pop and pastoral folk.

Sam Newton, who we’ve described as possessing “a natural sense of folk and country musicality”, is one of the busiest singer/songwriters around Sydney town. Last year he too released his second LP ‘Violet Road’, the followup to ‘Set In Stone’ (2014). It showed a real progression of his songwriting and ability to approaches his songs with an unflinching honesty and directness, as if he’s made a concerted effort to distil his ideas and lyrics to their most economic form. There’s another new album on its way this year and we’re excited to host Sam at REB, showcasing songs old and new.

PTW Jukebox will also be spinning tunes through the afternoon/evening. Come down to the always superb environs of The Bearded Tit for some great music to round out your weekend.

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