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ALBUM REVIEW: All Our Exes Live In Texas – When We Fall

all our exes

The Sydney quartet take a slick approach on their debut album which finds them blending folk harmonies with the retro-tinged indie pop of acts such as Jenny Lewis and Neko Case.

Fleshing out their live sound with a fuller band one was a wise move. It gives the songs a greater depth and a lush quality where their sweet and swooning voices live within the songs rather than leading the accordion, ukulele, mandolin and guitar charge as they do on stage. Their harmonies are of course the highlight here, from 50s-styled tales of lost love and heartache to the catchy country strum of ‘Tell Me’, the light psychedelia of ‘Parking Lot’ and the intoxicating ‘Sailboat’.

If there’s to be any criticism, the album at times breezes past with the gentle sweet blend of voices and instruments a tad too sugary. It can be difficult to separate their voices into four different personalities and styles, another factor in the occasional blandness of the album and a hindrance in the conveyance of emotional depth and resonance in the songs.

Chris Familton

tie off


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