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VIDEO: Suicide Swans – Yearling

Suicide Swans Promo Photo

Suicide Swans released one of our favourite alt-country albums of 2017 and now they’ve released a clip for one Augusta’s many highlights – ‘Yearling’.

You can read a review of the album in the current Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Rhythms magazine.

‘Yearling’ explores the confusion, isolation and pain that can come with finding your way in the world, “Like a yearling left to grow”.

“The song ventures into personal territories of relationship transition where you are moving together but then become separated through the transition e.g. the idea of being friends, forming a relationship, breaking apart and/or one partner leaving/dying and how the person left behind becomes an island off the coast never really being able to come home. The song switches between two different characters and a back and forth between the two experiences. This song further enhances Suicide Swans interest in expanding upon their Americana/Alt country roots incorporating moments of indie rock and pop in their new single “Yearling”.”Kyle Jenkins


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