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NEW MUSIC: Emma Swift & Pony Boy cover Neil Young


Emma Swift has joined forces with fellow Nashville songwriter Pony Boy (Marchelle Bradanini) for a split digital single release of Neil Young covers. Out on the Cosmic Thug Records label (Feb 28th), the songs were recorded to tape in Nashville and produced by Adam Landry and Justin Collins.

“When Marchelle and I first became friends, we bonded over many shared passions,” says Swift. 

“We both like country music hair of the 1970s, dead English poets and playing Neil Young at very loud volumes. Though we’ve both flirted with publishing poetry and had more than our fair share of high hair experiences, neither of us had recorded a Neil Young song. This felt like a fun way to collaborate.”

According to Bradanini, “I’d wanted to record, Like a Hurricane, as long I can remember. It’s always broke my heart . We wanted to capture a different feel with Robbie Crowell playing this incredibly slow-as-molasses, ghostly feel on Rhodes and ended up just doing one take, which is pretty obvious in the vocal. Adam (Landry) said you’re done and that was that. Emma and I have been musical kindred spirits since we met over a night of Gin & Tonics at the 5 Spot years ago. She can beat anyone in a musical pub quiz.”

tie off


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