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NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: Kyle Jenkins – Vultures


Kyle Jenkins of Suicide Swans continues his golden streak of songwriting and prolific releases with this second single from his debut solo LP Meltdown. The track hits a bass-led groove and never lets up. Clever sonic details like a ride cymbal doubling down on the reference to smashing on the keys of typewriters and the soaring backing vocals that bring to mind the bird of the title soaring high in the sky, looking down on creeping industrialisation and societal and political malaise.

“Meltdown really didn’t come out of any great need to make a solo album. Rather it was about ruminations of the world that came from staying up late at night seeing all these horrible situations playing out in the world and feeling a deep seeded feeling of isolation, loneliness and sadness for what was happening” Kyle explains. “From there the album happened really organically where one song (and its narrative) documented one situation that then lead to the next and the next and so forth. The album is really about the tension between dusk and dawn – that fine edge of a moment when the day and night are at tension between each other. A feeling I seem to have as a person.”

Meltdown is out via Near Enough Records on October 26th.

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