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NEW MUSIC: Philippe Bronchtein – Me And The Moon


Phillipe Bronchtein recently released Me And The Moon, his first album under his own name but not his debut solo LP, he’s previously recorded as Hip Hatchet. Bronchtein has lived all over the place, he was born in Montreal, raised in New Jersey, went to college in Vermont, and relocated to Portland, OR before settling in Nashville last year.

Last year, he decided to make the move to Nashville to lay down roots and focus on creating his own music. “I love how songwriting & music is interwoven into everyday life here,” he says. “The musicianship in the city is completely awe-inspiring. When I can keep it inspiring instead of intimidating, I have really good days.”

The title track from the album is a late-night campfire-styled musing on throwing all your cards into a musical life. It wanders along beautifully, courtesy of Bronchtein’s voice and some warm and rich acoustic guitar and gentle atmospherics.

“Drinking champagne, just me and the moon,” sings Philippe Bronchtein on the title track of his new album, out October 5, recalling a night spent in his truck in the New Mexico desert during a particularly disastrous tour, plagued by canceled shows, oil leaks and a bad alternator. “I keep telling myself…this is the life.”

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