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ALBUM REVIEW: Copperline – Rusty Fords And Weatherboards


Rusty Fords And Weatherboards

The members of Sydney band Copperline have been playing in various bands dating back to the 90s and after ten years they’ve finally recorded their debut album together, one that certainly feels like a collective gathering of likeminded musicians and accomplished players. 

Led by songwriter Brad Christmas, the band inhabit a comfortable space where there is variety but few risks. From commercial Australian country rock (‘King Of This Country’) to the memorable and catchy single ‘Woman’s Touch’ the piano-led jazz romp of ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ and the darker psych rock sound of ‘Hundred Mile Smile’, the band cover a lot of ground. Some of it works well while some songs are a tad too overplayed and self-conscious. Closer ‘Social Network Blues’ sounds like a blast to play but its pastiche element is overdone. 

In Christmas, the band have a singer who can shape-shift impressively to the required style. At his best he possesses a tinge of Michael Stipe in the sound of his voice, while on the stripped back ‘Please Don’t Cry’ he reveals a raw and emotional quality that brings conviction and weight to the song. The strength of Rusty Fords And Weatherboards lies in the quality of the musicianship and the willingness to not be limited to one genre. A solid and respectable debut.

Chris Familton

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