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NEW MUSIC: Jordan Merrick – Low Country


The sound of The Doors, psychedelic blues, gothic country, Lee Hazlewood and even Julian Cope collide on this new song from Australian Jordan Merrick. Also a member of Brisbane band Fugitive & The Vagabond, Merrick has dialled into a swirling, pulsing, dark folk-rock vibe on ‘Low Country’, which bodes well for his forthcoming debut album.

“‘Low Country’ stems from the excitement and dare of temptations. When I think about temptation – be it a vice like alcoholism or drug addiction – Most would view it in a dark, dangerous light. While that is certainly true, I think the allure of any vice or addiction paints itself to the user as a thing of joy, fulfilment and euphoria – similar to that of the sirens in Homer’s’ Odyssey. You see a ray of light in the distance or hear a beautiful song and are drawn to it, ignorant to the risk of danger it brings with it. ‘Low Country’ is the Angel and Devil in each corner of your mind fighting to convince you to both resist and give in.”

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