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NEW MUSIC: Beth Bombara – I Only Cry When I’m Alone / Upside Down


Recommended for fans of Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife, Ruby Boots, Frazey Ford, Lydia Loveless

The perfect chorus, everybody’s chasing it and some people get damn close. On ‘I Only Cry When I’m Alone’, the first track on this video clip from Beth Bombara, the St Louis songwriter has found the absolute melodic sweet spot of a country rock chorus. That magical blend of melancholy, verve and soulful tone.

‘Upside Down’ is equally appealing, dialling in more of a rock vibe. It’s a great song, super infectious in its mix of 70s pop rock and hook-laden country swagger.

Beth Bombara released her new album (her sixth) Evergreen last month and these two songs are the opening tracks of what is a really strong album overall. Recommended.

tie off


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