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PTWfavouritealbumsAUNZ20192019 delivered another bounty of homegrown treats in the form of full-length albums that captured the range and spirit of Australian and NZ Americana music. We encourage you to hit the links to read reviews, listen and buy any new discoveries you might make from our list of favourites, head to a show, buy some merch and support these, and indeed all of the artists in our local scene.

Full disclosure: As a publicist I did PR for the Mark Moldre, Bryan Estepa and Harvey Russell albums.

PTW Favourite AU/NZ Albums of 2019 with links to reviews and buy/stream:

15. Nicholas Connors – Strange Dreams
14. Jenny Queen – Baby It Was Real And We Were The Best
13. Wagons – Songs From The Aftermath
12. Harvey Russell – Liquid Damage
11. Nathan Seeckts – The Heart Of The City
10. Fallon Cush – Stranger Things Have Happened
9. Bryan Estepa – Sometimes I Just Don’t Know
8. D.C Cross – Ecstatic Racquet
7. Claire Anne Taylor – All The Words
6. Dan Brodie – Funerária Do Vale
5. Tiny Ruins – Olympic Girls
4. Sean McMahon – You Will Know When You’re There

3. Lost Ragas – This Is Not A Dream

2. Mark Moldre – Fever Dreams

1. Skyscraper Stan – Golden Boy Vol. I & II

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