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ALBUM REVIEW: Dori Freeman – Every Single Star

Dori Freeman 2019

Dori Freeman
Every Single Star
Blue Hens Music

The evolution of Dori Freeman continues on this fine third album from the Southwest Virginian songwriter. Her first was rooted in Appalachian folk but since then she’s added studio polish and incorporated wider influences (sixties pop, jazz balladry) and a lush and more nuanced sound.

Teddy Thompson has produced all her albums and he’s again applied a good balance of modernity and preservation of the acoustic origins of the songs. All ten songs dance on effortless and often pop-leaning melodies, from the kd lang-sounding country-jazz shimmer and ache of ‘All I Ever Wanted’ to the light-stepping ‘Like I Do’ and onto the classic country duet sound on ‘2 Step’. Lyrically Freeman ponders motherhood and the universal difficulties of balancing a relationship with being out on tour. She’s an honest and straightforward lyricist, able to concisely distil her thoughts and ideas into song. Where she really excels though is her way with melody and writing a song where everything feels like it’s in exactly the right place.

Fans of Linda Ronstadt through to Eilen Jewell, Courtney Marie Andrews and local talent Melody Pool will find plenty to revel in on Freeman’s most cohesive and gently beguiling release to date. 

Chris Familton


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