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NEW MUSIC: Christy Lynn Band – Checkin’ In


Asheville, NC’s Christy Lynn Band is the project of Christy Lynn and Ryan Schilling who hooked up musically back in 2011. Their full-length album, the cleverly titled, Sweetheart of the Radio, will be released on vinyl digital, CD and streaming platforms on April 3rd.

Lynn describes the album as tales of heartbreak and leaving, an outlaw’s last wishes before the hangman’s noose, a country star’s hidden sadness behind the airwaves of her radio success, finding solace in a drinking problem, and more. The album tells the fictional story of a radio darling who is beloved far and wide, a skyrocketing success masking a deep sadness. It’s an unsatisfying one-way relationship: the whole world loves her, and yet not one person truly does because they do not truly know her. The crux is that perhaps she doesn’t truly know herself.

The first single ‘Checkin’ In’ certainly dials into a sweet country soul sound, her voice as much soul as it is twang, with a great country roots backing.

tie off


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