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NEW MUSIC: Dan Croll – Actor With A Loaded Gun


We’ve posted about Dan Croll in the past and yet again he’s caught our ear with this wonderful, kaleidoscopic slice of folk-pop. Musical colours are thrown about generously and with great precision on this track that takes in power pop melodies and a psych-folk West Coast vibe.

“’Actor’ is about my first step in to the social aspect of L.A. life, I didn’t know anyone is Los Angeles, and had to rely on one friend of a friend. He did a great deal for me to get me on my feet, including inviting me to some parties. The first one I went to I was so nervous about, it’d been years since I’d ever needed to actively make a friend and was desperately trying to remember how to. My social anxiety was in full swing when I was there, and I was trying to not tank every conversation, but what I weirdly found comforting was that a good chunk of people there were pretty awful, hilariously so in fact, the stereotypical LA social climbers, and it somehow calmed my nerves to know I’d be ok here because at the end of the day, I wasn’t there to be an actor.”

tie off


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