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NEW MUSIC: Tommy Alexander – End Of The World


Tommy Alexander has a new album coming out on June 5th and that’s a promising prospect based on the sound of this track – ‘End Of The World’. A mid-tempo piece of alt-country rock, it channels Prine and Kristofferson as he chronicles troubled times. The song has that weary, poetic grain to it that we love so much here at Post To Wire.

“I wanted to write a victorious ballad for the protagonist in all of us. A light song about the heavy shit – rolling with the punches. In the end it became about empathy and how kindness and humility are heroic gestures in a world so self centered.”

Alexander’s forthcoming new LP follows his record of last year, Baby You’re Blue, and also features the equally great single ‘Troubled Mind‘ from the Portland OR singer-songwriter.

tie off


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