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NEW MUSIC: Pauline Andrès – Elastic Heart (acoustic Apocalypse) – Sia cover


We’ve been impressed with Pauline Andrès music for a few years now, particularly her 2018 album Fearless Heart. When a tornado alert came up on her phone in Nashville and then the coronavirus restrictions kicked in, the songwriter bunkered down and took a swing at the Sia song ‘Elastic Heart’, stripping it back to to a forlorn and aching version that works beautifully.

I happen to be on lockdown in a studio (that is not mine) in the middle of Nashville and I’m working on a new album. But without access to my band…I got sidetracked and will be releasing a new EP in May that mixes electro and my usual brand of Americana. It includes a couple acoustic songs that belong to my “Acoustic Apocalypse” collection. Because you can be strong and feel all the feels.” – Pauline Andrès

Andrès is an Americana artist born in France as a coal miner’s daughter in a family of Hungarian, Slovenian and Spanish descent. Andres has moved from London to Berlin, Paris to New York, and now Nashville, where she currently resides as a working songwriter and musician.

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