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NEW MUSIC: Tommy Alexander – Whatever You Say


We posted excitedly about Tommy Alexander a few weeks ago, or maybe it was last month, life’s something of a blur at the moment. Regardless, we shouted from an isolated hilltop about the greatness of his first singles from his new album Waves which is out next Friday, June 5th.

‘Whatever You Say’ is the third single and easily as good as the others. It rolls along with a gentle swagger and stagger. Burned-out country and weary folk music at it’s best. Of the song, apparently it all started with chickens. When the Portland, OR-based singer and songwriter was living in Vermont, he found himself watching a brood of chickens scratching around his driveway after a snowfall, looking for food. “That idea of us being the chickens, scratching in the dirt, looking for a bite,” says Alexander. [There’s] something in the message. If we can see the similarities, the differences aren’t as disproportionate.” That moment watching the flock of birds inspired Alexander to pen the song.

tie off


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