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NEW MUSIC: John Krsulja – Black To Blue

Black To Blue‘ was one of the last recorded performances by Australian Glen Hannah (R.I.P.), written by John ‘K’ Krsulja in 2016 in memory of the passing of producer and friend, Karl Broadie. The music video is a tribute to both Broadie and Hannah, two creative spirits that touched many other musicians and music fans across Australia and who were lost before their time.

“Karl and I often talked about the music industry and finding our place within the industry,” John said. “Karl would share his thoughts, trials and tribulations, that eventually led him to give the advice of ‘your music is art, and if you aim to please everyone, then it’s just not art’.”

Krsulja inhabits a warm and tender space on the song, his rich voice lending gravitas to the subject matter as drums provide a gentle heartbeat and electric and acoustic guitars dovetail in harmony.

Krsulja, who hails from Nundle in New South Wales, will be releasing his second album, Burden of the Fool on June 19th.


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