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NEW MUSIC: Scurvylicious – Wiser

The delightfully named Scurvylicious concoct a wonderfully vibrant sound on this new song ‘Wiser‘.

The Melbourne band open the track with a slow, swaying jangly guitar sound – like an afterthought at the start of the song. Near the minute mark it kicks into first gear with prominent bass driving things along and the mantra cosmic country giving it all a freewheeling, panoramic feel. At 2.5 minutes the guitar pedals make their mark with some fine, fuzzed-out soloing that circles the main riff as the song heads skyward. It’s one of those tracks – part jam band, part psychedelic space boogie – that could keep on going and going…

“This song was penned sometime around 2014 and whatever meaning it carried then has evolved somewhat over years of playing it live and eventually recording it. It’s always been a growing up song, about wanting to make better decisions and believing that we do across time, but now it bears weight of accepting a non-linearity to that desire, taking steps backwards at times and being caught up in distractions, even amusement at ourselves all the way back then admiring our own wisdom. It timestamps that moment for us and continues to evolve.”

‘Wiser’ is perfectly coupled with super 8 footage from a camping trip in the early 90’s from Daylesford filmmaker Brendan Murray (Harbinger Foundation).


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