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NEW MUSIC: Team Love – Wasted Time

Melbourne’s Team Love have released their second single from their forthcoming debut album.

Guitarist and singer Shaun Stolk takes the lead vocal on ‘Wasted Time’. Over a country/folk rhythm, evocative violin (Ruby Cattell) and piano (Monique Bricknell), his melodic, high and lonesome voice sings of lost opportunities and regret. It’s a song richly and equally imbued with a melancholic ache and wistful catchiness.

“‘Wasted Time’ is about a cowboy type character who was burdened with regret for the way that he had lived his life,” says Shaun. “We wanted the song to be remorseful but also keep a semblance of optimism, which I guess is our ethos for most of the stuff we write.”

As Shaun explains, the song is a step forward for the band’s sound and the way the dynamic of the group continues to evolve. “‘Wasted Time’ shows off a little bit more of the sound we are striving for without deviating too far from the one we’ve already established. Whilst me singing lead instead of Ruby (McGrath-Lester) is a fairly dramatic change, the full-bodied harmonies and acoustic instruments help tie this song to the Team Love sound from previous releases,” says Shaun. “We like that everything is a bit more gritty and that everyone gets their moment to shine, but that it all blends together.”  

“‘Wasted Time’ is another taste of our exploration of traditional country music, with a modern alt-country twist.”

Team Love is an Australian Americana group from Melbourne and the Wombat State Forest who blend traditional country and folk sounds into dusty roots music, heartbreaking gothic ballads and dazzling four-part harmonies. They explore traditional themes such as love and loss, as well chronic illness, identity and feminism. 


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