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NEW MUSIC: Nicky William – I Fell In Love With Her

Swedish songwriter Nicky William has released his new single ‘I Fell In Love With Her‘, a minimal swoon of a song that recalls deep-voiced favourites of ours such as Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan.

The gentle sway of the song is an intoxicating and rich sound, propelled by warm, melodic bass and towards the end of the song a beautiful pedal steel enters the fray. The song is a great example of the kind of lounge-noir Americana we dig here at PTW.

“Fell in love is a song where the idea behind it is quite childish and naive, the feeling of not being desirable is probably pretty universal but this idea of a romantic interest that everyone is condemned to pine for in hopelessness may not be so realistic, but I still felt that it was the feeling I had felt many times and I wanted to convey that feeling in the song.”


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