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NEW MUSIC: E.Z. Shakes – Making Mistakes

Gothic, psych country. Forthcoming album mixed by Mitch Easter

E.Z. Shakes aren’t afraid to inject some darkness and rabble-rousing noise into their gothic country sound. On ‘Making Mistakes’ there’s a generous use of reverb to give the song a brooding, ghostly feel that works beautifully.

The Columbia, South Carolina group, who are getting ready to release their new album, The Spirit (out Oct 9th on Pow Pow Sound), are based around Zach Seibert (vocals, guitar) who grew up in small-town Illinois, raised on the sounds of heartland rock & roll, hard-hitting punk, and old-school country/gospel music. His parents were hippie Christians who bounced from church to church, searching for a congregation that suited their family’s countercultural ideals. The experience left a mark on Seibert, who developed an appetite for diversity — in art, life, faith, and beyond — that he’d later put to use as E.Z. Shakes’ raspy-voiced, genre-defying, storytelling frontman.  

The band have also just released another excellent new single ‘The Rileys‘.


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