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NEW MUSIC: Aaron Lee Tasjan – Up All Night

Like Tom Petty jamming with Cutting Crew circa 1985, Aaron Lee Tasjan has fully embraced synth sounds, alongside his power-pop guitar aesthetic on this slice of cosmic pop. It works in a playful way too, with hooks aplenty. Kaleidoscopic Americana?

Discussing the song, Tasjan says, “‘Up All Night’ is half party anthem, half cautionary tale. It’s inspired by the times I’ve wondered if I need to get help with my drinking and what it meant that I was worrying about things in the first place?”

Tasjan added, “The three things that worry me most in my life are probably my health, being alone and money. Each of those three daily battles became a verse in this song. The first verse explores my financial plan for the foreseeable future, my real-life love life plays out a bit in the second, while the third verse is an homage to the years-long stomach problems I’ve tried to get diagnosed that everyone says is anxiety. I lost track of a handsome gentleman/brilliant drag performer from South Carolina not long after our first date at The Lipstick Lounge. Shortly after, I moved into a new house occupied by my current partner. We lived as roommates for a few months, but ultimately it became romantic and she’s become my hero and best friend in the world. For me, this song says that there’s no escaping being alive. Worrying is part of life just like having a good time or even too good of a time.”

His new album Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! is out Feb 5th via New West Records.


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