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NEW MUSIC: Derek Dames Ohl – If Love Stinks

Here’s a great new song from Derek Dames Ohl out of Denver Colorado. It’s a lighthearted swing at a love song but one with a really nice country sway and lyrical quality to it – in the vein of John Prine’s playful tunes.

Ohl also plays bass in the band Flash Mountain Flood but he’s been getting a bunch of recording done under his own name for a run of singles leading up to his new EP Derek Dames Ohl & friends. The first single was the seasonal ‘Blue Skies And It’s Christmas Time‘.

“It was one of those songs that came out of nowhere, sitting with my guitar on a summer night wrote it in about 10 min, and was quite literal for my life at the time.” says Ohl. “People always gave me a hard time writing so many sad love songs that I took it as a chance to make a happy one for once. For me when I find love there’s so much goofiness and fun involved that I tried to interpret that into the song, also the idea of never believing in love until you find that special person, ‘The world’s a mess and love still stinks but sitting here with you gets me thinking…”


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